Ultimate Pail Liner

Unique  100% polyester inner INNER LINING for added protection against leaks included 5% Active Wick super-wicking microfiber (the kind usually reserved for high-tech athletic sportswear).

Durable, waterproof OUTER LINING of PUL.

Absorbent inner lining keeps smells and soiled items cushioned yet contained and provides fantastic leak protection. The unique lining keeps baby's laundry from slopping around inside.

Also works great to store wet swimming suits and other wet items or clothing!

Inner lining also protects PUL integrity in hot dryers; just turn inside out during cycles in the washing machine and dryer.

Accidents can happen and while other wet bags can leak even with the tiniest puncture of the PUL, our laundry bag will continue right on working. It's a durable and powerhouse bag!
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Ultimate Pail Liner
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