The First Steps of Coquí Baby

Posted by Steve on 1/15/2015 to Uncategorized

Welcome to our inaugural blog post! The blog and our Facebook page are the initial seeds for part of a larger online community.

I’ll post here along with other guest writers from time to time. On this day we think it’s appropriate to honor our adopted namesake, the beautiful coquí!

The coquí is the beloved tree frog of Puerto Rico which sings the children to sleep every night with its beautiful singing. Tiny, growing only to less than one inch, the coquí is a delicate creature with a big voice. Sound like anyone you know? While tree frogs are sensitive to the changes in the earth’s environment and need our protection, the coquí reciprocates by reminding us that nature is all around us and lives in us and it sings to us and our babies in such a beautiful way! The coquí sings to us our infinite possibilities. [click to hear coqui actual sound]

The Puerto Rican folk song pays tribute to the coquí. While there are multiple translations in English, we have recorded this one just for you! [click to hear song]

~ Lovingly sung by Coquí Tribe Members Jesse and Caroline Pircon

English Lyrics

Little coquí frog, how I love you.
How I love your beautiful song.
In the night as I am sleeping,
You sing to me all night long.

Coquí, coquí, coquí,
I hear you singing to me.
Coquí, coquí, coquí,
I hear you singing to me.

Spanish Lyrics

El coquí, el coquí a mi me encanta.
Esta lindo el cantar del coquí.
Por las noches salir acostarme
Me adormece cantando así.

Coquí, coquí. coquí,
Me adormece cantando así
Coquí, coquí, coquí,
Me adormece cantando así.

…Coquí, coquí, coquí I hear you singing to me.


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