Ritornello Cover

The Ritornello gets its namesake from Italian opera, where the ritornello provides the opening theme
and structure for the opera
, which is then repeated in different keys and passages by chorus and orchestra. Literally meaning a “little return”, the ritornello is a simple, elegant component playing a big role, just like our diaper cover!

You’ll be returning again and again to the Ritornello as your diaper cover of choice!

The Ritornello Diaper Cover provides superb fit from super small 7 pounds all the way up to 40 pounds and beyond, giving it the range and depth of a virtuoso! Its secret is the four rise settings and snaps placed wider across the front. It snaps down nicely to fit wee ones and then can be gradually expanded through Baby’s growth cycles, nicely accommodating a wide range of fitteds and prefolds, including the Coquí Baby Bel Canto Fitted for which it was designed.

A masterpiece! Unlike most covers, our Ritornello Diaper Cover is made with two layers of fabric protecting the waterproof PUL layer both inside and outside the diaper. This gives double protection to the integrity and durability of the cover and provides a more comfortable experience for Baby. No exposed PUL touches Baby or hot dryers.

  • One size provides industry-leading fit range from 7 to 40+ lbs
  • More snaps and rise settings than other brands
  • 100% polyester featuring TPU laminate for waterproofing
  • Available in a variety of colors
  • Coquí Joy Frog logo sewn on back

Care and Handling:

  • No special prep needed. Do not use with creams such as diaper rash cream. 
  • After use, knock solids & excess into toilet. Machine wash. Do not use bleach, harsh chemicals, baking soda or fabric softener.  
  • Tumble dry, air dry on rack or dry on a clothesline by hanging them so the leg elastic is parallel to the line. 
  • Do not exceed122°F. Make sure dryer is not too hot when tumble drying.

Click here for detailed cloth diaper care tips

Backed by our Scouts Honor 30-day money back guarantee and 12-month product replacement warranty

At Coquí Baby we celebrate families and are passionate about adding joy to parenting. So go on those picnics, schedule those play dates, take those road trips! The Ritornello's got you covered!


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Ritornello DIaper Cover
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