Performace Bamboo Inserts

Trim and mighty, Coquí Performance Bamboo Inserts are a class apart!





Plays well with others!

It’s “game on!” with a starting line-up that features a combo of our signature athletic-grade, high-tech functional fibers traditionally reserved for sports gear and athletic wear. They’re the best performing inserts on the planet!

Play hard. Rest easy. Our Performance Bamboo Inserts allow for less diaper bulk and frees up Baby to explore and move more naturally. At Coquí Baby we believe no one needs performance more than moms, and no one needs freedom of movement more than babies making their first steps in the world!

Performance Bamboo Inserts feature a Dream Team of athletic-grade, high-tech functional fibers: 60% bamboo, 30% organic cotton, and 10% of our signature Active Wick polyester, a fabric traditionally reserved for sports gear and athletic wear.

Bamboo provides softness and anti-microbial, odor-resistant properties. Organic cotton adds absorption, durability and fluff. Active Wick’s one-way capillary action transports moisture to the inner core and diffuses moisture faster than regular microfiber for summer comfort and winter warmth and prevents diaper rash.

Performance Bamboo Inserts always lay flat wet or dry, are easy to clean and are easy to work with. They’re sewn on the ends leaving open the sides so that they can get clean inside and out. This feature also makes drying times shorter.

The natural strength and suppleness of Active Wick prevents pre-mature pilling and hardening like conventional microfibers. Performance Bamboo Inserts with Active Wick are so strong that they will last through multiple children.

Makes an ideal top layer in night-time stuffing for its quick-wicking properties.

Can be placed next to Baby without drying Baby’s skin.

Care and Handling: No special prep needed. Do not use bleach, harsh chemicals, creams, baking soda or fabric softener. Machine wash and tumble dry or line dry. Do not exceed122°F.

Click here for detailed cloth diaper care tips

  • Available in 4-layers and 6-layers in three shapes:
  • Hourglass shape: 12 inches long; width is 5.25 inches at its widest and 3.4 inches wide at the middle
  • Rectangular: 15.5 x 5.5 inches
  • Also available in a 2-layer mini booster 12.25 x 3.5 inches

Backed by our Scout’s Honor 30-day money back guarantee and 12-month product replacement warranty.

Play hard & rest easy with
Performance Bamboo Inserts.  The best inserts on the planet!

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Performance Bamboo Mini Booster 3-Pack
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