Nomad Women Wool Dryer Balls 6-Pack
Nomad Women Wool Dryer Balls 6-Pack

Nomad Women Wool Dryer Balls 6-Pack

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Nomad Women Dryer Balls are an easy way for your household to save time and money and reduce your household energy consumption while softening your clothes and reducing static in your laundry. You will help your household remain clean of commercial chemicals, help the environment, and also help women in some of the poorest regions of the Kyrgyz Republic to support themselves and their families using their expertise. Each ball is handcrafted by a wool felting expert. We at Coquí Baby celebrate families and are passionate about adding joy to parenting. We provide high-quality and affordable baby accessories for moms and dads who want the best for their babies and the world they will live in. A happier planet, happier families, and happier babies, all more deeply connected to each other.

  • Generate household savings while conserving energy by reducing drying times by up to 25%. Nomad Women Dryer Balls will quickly pay for themselves. After that you'll generate significant savings as you'll never need to ever purchase commercial dryer sheets again. Dryer balls will last for many years.
  • Each ball is made of 100% wool hand-felted to approximately 9 inches around and 2 ounces in weight. Variations may occur as these are hand-crafted items.
  • Made by a thriving co-operative of self-employed women in the Kyrgyz Republic. Your purchase supports women, shepherding families in Central Asia and sustainable free range agricultural practices by providing good income and a steady market for their wool products.
  • Experience Coquí Joy -- that glowing soft and fuzzy feeling -- knowing that you are reducing your energy consumption, are keeping dryer sheets out of landfills and keeping perfumes and chemicals out of your family's clothes and bedding.
  • Made in the Kyrgyz Republic
  • Clothes - especially cloth diapers - will feel significantly softer and have less static as a result of the natural softening action and the static reduction properties of wool dryer balls. Nomad Women Dryer Balls are perfect for people who need to -- and choose to -- remain clean of added films, chemicals and agents. Cloth diapers and cloth diaper soaker inserts in particular need to be dried without commercial dryer sheets, as these will leave a water-repellant film on them causing them to leak.
  • Kyrgyz women --and some of their husbands-- have been hand-felting wool for thousands of years. Sheep provide wool for clothing, for carpets and even the houses themselves. Yurtas even to this day are made for nomadic families with thick walls of wool batting wrapped around latticed, foldable wood structures. Yurtas are made to be easily broken down and reassembled to follow the grazing of the herds. The wealth of families are traditionally seen in the number and quality of shyrdaks (thick carpets and blankets) a family has.
  • Hand-felted with raw wool from free-range sheep of the Kyrgyz Republic, a mountainous region part of the Himalayan Chain. Colors range from white to dark brown, depending on your sheep's unique coloration. Wool is sheered, picked clean, washed, then dried in the sun or near a heat source. Nomad Women Dryer Balls are all-natural with no added dyes, scents or preservatives leaving you the option to customize at home with your own essential oils (it takes just a few drops to bring your favorite clean scents alive in your household).

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