Coquí Joy: Giving

Giving is an integral part of the Coquí Baby Vision:

"A happier planet, happier families, and happier babies, all more deeply connected to each other."

Through sourcing products and through giving, Coquí Baby hopes to help children, at-risk moms and families. We have started by sourcing our wool dryer balls from one of the poorest and most remote oblasts of the Kyrgyz Republic.

Our Diaper Manufacturer in China donates its seconds and over-runs to their local orphanage. Closer to home, we're grateful that we have been able to make cash and product donations to our local foster care/adoption center for two years in a row.

Our long term giving plan includes creating an awareness campaign in Thailand to facilitate better adaption laws.

We're are also committed to developing project in Puerto Rico, where the story began with a little frog that joyfully chirps in the night.