Commitment to the Planet

We like the experience a sense of joy when are actively participating in what’s good for the planet. 

As family-owned business striving reduce our carbon footprint:

  • We’re committed to using biodegradable and recyclable material wherever we can.
  • We recycle everything at our offices.  In fact, our office does even have an account with the local waste removal company!
  • Our office utilizes electronic communications over paper.
  • Our warehouse also recycles all it can—including paper, ink cartridges, cardboard.
  • There are no combustion engines powering equipment in our warehouse--everything is electric. 
  • Warehouse employees return cardboard for cash and use the funds for Friday barbecues.
  • The majority of their indoor lighting in our warehouse is from skylights!

Eco-friendly fabrics:

Coquí Baby’s manufacturer specializes in eco-friendly fabrics. Our organic cotton is certified by the Institute for Marketecology (IMO), one of the first and most renowned international agencies for inspection, certification, and quality assurance of eco-friendly products.