Bel Canto Fitted

Welcome to Bel Canto. Sophistication and modern fabrics providing an enduring classic standing the test of time.

Named after a style of Italian operatic singing that emphasized clear diction and expression of true feeling, the Bel Canto is a powerhouse excelling in purity, heft and elegance.

he Bel Canto is made of a beautiful blend of fibers: 55% hemp for super absorbency and anti-microbial, anti-bacterial properties and 45%
organic cotton fleece for softness and durability. Only certified all-natural, un-dyed fibers are used.

By nature, hemp and organic cotton are breathable. Heavy Wetter? The hemp and organic cotton combination also provide top of the line absorbency and capacity. Used with the Coquí Baby Ritornello Cover, you have a duo with range! 

Without a cover, the Bel Canto is a perfect option for when you want Baby to be most comfortable while lounging at home. There is more air flow, preventing or clearing up rashes and keeping Baby cooler!

   4 rise settings adjust to Baby’s growth for approximate range of 8 to 38 pounds.

With a hood for snaps, no back of snaps touch Baby! We designed the Bel Canto with all the bells and whistles! 

  • 55% hemp 45% organic cotton
  • Super cute ruffled leg edges sewn with green accents, appropriate for boy or girl
  • One sewn-in hourglass insert: 12 inches x 5.25 at its widest / 3.5 inches at the middle)
  • One snap-in rectangular insert: 20 x 4 inches 

Coquí Joy Frog sewn on back.

Care and Handling:

Hemp needs advance preparation before use, and shrinkage is inherent with natural materials. Wash in warm water several times before use to remove natural oils and wax. Do not wash with other diapers as this may cause repelling issues with your other diapers. With time the Bel Canto will continue to soften and absorb more.  

  • After use, knock solids & excess into toilet. Machine wash. Do not use bleach, harsh chemicals, baking soda or fabric softener.
  • Tumble dry, air dry on rack or dry on a clothesline by hanging them so the leg elastic is parallel to the line. 
  • Do not exceed122°F. Make sure dryer is not too hot when tumble drying.
  • Note: Heat will shrink the diaper more. If you air dry, you can add softness and fluff by running a no-heat fluff cycle in the dryer.
Click here detailed cloth diaper care tips

Backed by our Scouts Honor 30-day money back guarantee and 12-month product replacement warranty

Get ready for Coquí Joy – the Joy when you’ve delivered the best for your family using the best the planet has to offer!

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