A great day for Coquí Baby!

Posted by MC Deming on 1/20/2015 to Share the Joy

It’s a great day! Coquí Baby reached TWO milestones on the same day – 600 Facebook likes and 100 followers on Twitter!

Today, we announced the winner of our Nomad Women Wool Dryer Balls (congrats Cassandra E!), and Maman Loup’s Den Hero One-Size Pocket Diaper giveaway began. Not a bad day for the Coquí Tribe either (the word “Tribe” is synonymous with our fans and loyal customers)!

It is our hope that through our affordable cloth diapers, more families are able to choose cloth diapering. We exist because we want to help families, babies, and the world we live in.

Thanks to our awesome fans for sharing the joy! We sincerely appreciate you!


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